What's in your toolbox for treating PTSD?

CE WEBINAR : An Introduction to Treating PTSD/Trauma for NDs

Everything you need to know to feel confident in treating the trauma and PTSD with Heather Herington, ND

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  • Learn how a two-pronged approach to healing PTSD/trauma - coupling standard naturopathic practice with still point therapies, imagery and the expressive arts – affects the brain and optimizes recovery  
  • Know the various terms for trauma – PTSD, C-PTSD and ACE 
  • Understand the neurological, biological and psychological consequences of PTSD 
  • Be able to define PTSD: its causes, risk stratification, and the idea of resilience. 
  • Learn new tools in case management including FDA approved drugs and their nutrient/herbal/drug interactions.  
  • Discuss PTSD in terms of co-morbidity ie) cardiovascular, addiction, Graves Disease 
  • Be aware of the expressive arts therapies including writing, imagery, music and the neuroscience of sound, and how they can affect the limbic system  

About Your Presenter

Heather Herington, ND is a naturopathic doctor. She graduated from Bastyr University with the class of 1987, and has practiced vitalistic naturopathic medicine for over 30 years. With over three decades of experience, Dr. Heather couples naturopathic medicine - clinical nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicine, detoxification and state-of-the-art labs - with the expressive arts to transform trauma and to heal challenging conditions and diseases. She offers private consultations, group health, workshops/retreats, webinars, speaking, and radio plays/podcasts.

Heather Herington NMD