Integrative Fertility Methods with Dr Jaclyn Chasse, ND

5-week integrative fertility course to help your patients overcome infertility & grow healthy families, naturally!


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Hello Fellow Physicians!

Hello Fellow Physicians!

It is my personal mission to not only help couples overcome infertility & conceive, but to have HEALTHY children. I believe that WE, as integrative providers, are the key to transforming health, and it starts in preconception.   Also, several decades of patient care specifically in this clinical specialty has taught me that couples are faced with increasing challenges with conception at all!  While research and technology are rapidly evolving, it’s totally clear that more IVF is not always the answer- egg and sperm quality can be severely hindered with a modern lifestyle, and hormonal balance and functional improvements in fertility are essential for most couples nowadays.

There are MANY “experts” out there now- on Instagram or other social media platforms.  It can be so difficult for patients to find REAL experts in this field.  They NEED you to know how to provide true quality fertility care.

I’ve always had an interest in reproductive health and in particular, infertility. This started as a naturopathic student. At that time, there was really no resources available to learn about treating infertility from an integrative/ functional/ naturopathic perspective.

 So, I started diving into anything I could find to pull scraps of information together- pubmed searches, every herbal medicine materia medica, women’s and men’s health books, conventional texts on reproductive medicine, and more. I found mentorship under naturopathic physicians, conventional reproductive endocrinologists, chiropractors, midwives, and other clinicians who held pieces of the puzzle.  

In my last year of school, I spent 8 weeks working in an integrative fertility center in Sydney, Australia, one of the only of its kind at the time. I observed how naturopaths (whose training is a bit different in Australia) worked together with acupuncturists and medical doctors (who did the physical exam and ordered and interpreted lab tests) and learned their model.  

The approach was simple, but elegant. And it worked.  

I’ve taken what I’ve learned over 10+ years and distilled it into the Perfect Fertility method- the method I bring my patients through today. I’ve taught thousands of doctors pieces of that over the last 10 years.

I know you’ll find this training comprehensive and focused around what you can put right into practice; rich with protocols and dosages and the HOW-TOs, versus just clinical review and theory. I am thrilled that you want to expand your knowledge in this area, because I TRULY BELIEVE that WE are the key to not only helping to solve this fertility crisis, but I believe that addressing infertility at its root also leads to a healthier next generation. I’m grateful that you want to be a part of that!  

So, I hope you sign up now- let’s go make a LOT of healthy babies together!  

In Health,
Dr Jaclyn Chasse, ND Fertility Expert  

P.S. Enrollment is NOW OPEN for a limited time because class starts soon! If you’d like to try the course and see if it’s right for you, you can join us now with confidence and get your money back within 30 days of the course launch, no questions asked.

This is a great foundational course for anyone looking to treat fertility in their practice! Lots of great information, add-ons and resources. Really enjoyed this and found it immediately useful in practice.

- Nicole Shortt, ND  

What if your patient had these outcomes?

...Even after a miscarriage, Dr. Chasse was there for us...

Dr. Jaclyn Chasse provided us with the guidance and care we needed to improve our fertility and our chances for a healthy pregnancy. After almost 2 years of trying get pregnant I became obsessed with all the testing, lab results and outcomes. As a health practitioner myself, I couldn't help but to analyze all the medical details to the point of distress. Dr. Chasse took that load off our backs. I was able to trust in her to pay attention to those details, while my husband and I refocused on our relationship. Even after a miscarriage, Dr. Chasse was there for us, offering support and compassion through a very difficult moment. Today, just weeks away from the arrival of our baby girl, I can’t thank her enough for doing what she does. I recommend her to anyone I know struggling with infertility, without hesitation.  

-Zynthia & Jason  


...we now have 4 beautiful children after 5 years of infertility.

Just after turning 34, years old my husband and I were told by 2 different Reproductive Endocrinologists that I was in premature ovarian failure and I would never have biological children. They could not give us a reason for why this happened so suddenly. 

Looking for some hope we consulted with Dr. Chasse. With her expertise and encouragement my body made a miraculous recovery and we now have 4 beautiful children after 5 years of infertility.  

Two sets of twins is a busy house but we are so appreciative of Dr. Chasse and her insight and passion.  

- Ipolito & Kenzie Maloy  

The power of learning this unique fertility method

Overcome Difficult Cases

Learn how to overcome some of the most difficult fertility cases with this proven protocol for both men and women

Become an Expert in Egg Quality

Become an expert in addressing poor egg quality and diminished ovarian reserve, the most common reason women seek Dr. Chasse’s fertility help

Integrative Approach to Fertility

Understand the conventional approaches to infertility, and how you can offer complementary or independent support to couples who need fertility help

Nutrition & Botanical Medicine

Understand the nutritional and botanical approaches to restore hormonal balance in men and women

Prepare Couples for Pregnancy

Understand how to properly prepare couples for pregnancy in order to maximize the chance of them having a healthy baby

Interpret Lab Results

Get the inside scoop on what the research actually says OPTIMAL lab ranges are for couples seeking conception, not just the “normal” levels that have little utility

Walk away with the protocols Dr. Chasse has developed for her own patients, and learn how you can continue to evaluate to add new products to yours  

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Dr. Chasse is an inspirational teacher with a wealth of knowledge. This is a course you must take! It will expand your understanding of what it takes to optimize fertility in both men and women. 

- Shana McQueen, ND  

Who is this fertility training for?

This course is intended for providers who have a strong foundation in the care of patients with infertility. Attendees can expect to increase their confidence in the management of infertility, and will both broaden and deepen their knowledge in several key areas. This is open to:

  • Naturopathic Doctors  
  • Chiropractors  
  • Health Coaches  
  • Acupuncturist  

When you enroll, you will receive: 

  • 5 weeks of content taught to you by the leading expert in Naturopathic Fertility, Dr. Jaclyn Chasse
  • PDF of all slides presented by Dr. Chasse
  • Video and mp3 recordings of all presentations, so you can review them on your time
  • Over 8 hours of clinically relevant content to apply directly to your practice
  • 8.5 CEs approved for Licensed NDs
  • Access to live Q and A with Dr. Chasse in a private Facebook Group
  • Certificate of completion awarded upon completing the course

What you will learn: Integrative Fertility Methods with Dr Jaclyn Chasse, ND


Infertility & Epigenetics, Healing the Planet through Healthy Babies: 

Good preconception care is not only at the core of helping couples conceive, but also in helping improve adult health! Learn more about infertility in the US and how it is connected to adult chronic health concerns, including cardiovascular disease, metabolic dysfunction, and more. Understand the foundations of epigenetics and how they apply when treating men and women before pregnancy. 


Preconception Care:

The foundation of any fertility support program is the patients' lifestyle. Without the healthful environment for gametes to develop, and the elimination of fertility-harming factors, it can be extraordinarily difficult to make an impact on a couple's fertility. This lesson will provide you with the "how-to" to provide couples a great preconception care program.  


Evaluation of the Infertile Woman:

This presentation will review how to evaluate women presenting with challenges conceiving. We will discuss core pieces of the initial intake and will focus on lab testing for evaluation of hormones, nutritional status, toxic load screening, and more.  


Treatment of Female Infertility: Part 1

Ovarian, uterine, and cycle-driven causes of Infertility This presentation will cover treatment of the most common underlying causes of infertility, including PCOS, Menstrual Imbalance, Amenorrhea & more! Brief overview of pathophysiology is provided, but the focus here is on practical treatment approaches.


Treatment of Female Infertility: Part 2

Egg quality and Fertility in women over 40 Declining ovarian reserve is the most common reason patients come to see Dr. Chasse. It’s essential you understand how to treat this well! This presentation will dive into the underlying causes of declining egg quality & ovarian reserve, both with aging and in women who seem "too young" to have this happen. You’ll walk away with an evaluation and treatment plan you can depend on to successfully help women conceive! 


Evaluation of the Infertile Man: 

It takes two to tango! And while women commonly manage the process of getting pregnant, male fertility factors come into play with the same frequency as females. This lesson will help you understand more about how sperm are made and matured, and what factors are essential for their health. Learn how to evaluate semen analysis beyond just lab normals, which can be meaningless. Understand how to help couples understand how the male’s sperm health compares to where it needs to be optimally.  


Treatment of Male Infertility:  

We'll cover how to manage men with decreased fertility due to each individual sperm parameter and get to the root causes of sperm quality decline! Walk away with specific protocols you can use next-day in your practice!


Managing Miscarriage & Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: 

Although technically, "fertility" refers to the ability to GET pregnant, an equally important part of care is helping your patients STAY pregnant. This lesson will discuss the reasons and the challenges that lead to miscarriage and pregnancy loss. Know when to work up a patient versus provide reassurance, how to work up a patient, and how to manage the many causes of recurrent pregnancy loss. 


Plus you will recieve these valuable bonuses [$397 Value]

Dr. Chasse's First Office Visit Charting Guide: walking you through patient intake, physical exam, and labs for a new fertility patient [$39 Value]

Dr. Chasse's Fertility Dispensary Guide: featuring her favorite products, dosing, and more! [$29 Value]

30 page Perfect Fertility Detox Patient Guide to use in your practice
[$99 Value]

Fertility Practice Tips Guide: Featuring 15 of the TOP strategies to grow a bustling and successful fertility practice
[$19 Value]

Lab Interpretation Guide: Dr. Chasse's evidence-based "cheat sheet" to compare your patients to their OPTIMAL versus "normal" lab values. RESEARCH BASED- The MOST SOUGHT AFTER RESOURCE! [$49 Value]

Botanicals for Reproductive Health Quick Reference Guide: Featuring top botanicals for reproductive health conditions with their key indications, dosing, and hormonal impact in an easy-to-use summary [$49 Value]

Access to our private closed Facebook group of Perfect Fertility alumni, to connect into a group of fertility experts including Dr. Chasse to discuss cases and answer your additional ongoing questions! [$79/yr Value]  

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Great course! Helps bridge the gaps in fertility medicine.

-Julie Tran, ND, LAc

Your Instructor


Dr. Jaclyn Chasse is a licensed naturopathic physician dedicated to helping couples conceive naturally. Her practice, Perfect Fertility, is dedicated to fertility, sexual health and family wellness.  

Dr. Chasse is a graduate of Bastyr University, an avid writer, and international speaker who has taught thousands of doctors the Perfect Fertility methods. She is Immediate Past President of the both the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the NH Association of Naturopathic Doctors. She's served on several boards including the American Herbal Products Association and many others.  

In addition to doctor, Dr. Chasse's proudest role is of Mother, to a bustling houseful of children and slobbering dogs. They enjoy any family time that includes cuddles, laughter, cooking, gardening, and travel! 

Dr. Jaclyn Chasse brings the best mixture of evidenced-based medicine and anecdotal application of her protocols to best support patient outcomes. She is not only an amazing practitioner, with over a decade of clinical experience in fertility, but also an amazing teacher. It is because of this NDNR has chosen to bring her vision to the entire profession, to help doctors like YOU, reach more people, heal more patients and create more wealth.  

- Razi Berry | Publisher NDNR  

As part of the Integrative Fertility Methods with Dr Jaclyn Chasse, ND, you will get: [$800 Value] 

  • 5 weeks of content taught to you by the leading expert in Naturopathic Fertility, Dr. Jaclyn Chasse 
  • PDF of all slides presented by Dr. Chasse
  • Video and mp3 recordings of all presentations, so you can review them on your time
  • Over 8 hours of clinically relevant content to apply directly to your practice 
  • 8.5 CEs approved for Licensed NDs
  • Access to live Q & A with Dr. Chasse in a private Facebook Group
  • Certificate of completion awarded upon completing the course

[$397 Value]

  • Dr. Chasse's First Office Visit Charting Guide [$39 Value]
  • Dr. Chasse's Fertility Dispensary Guide [$29 Value]
  • 30 page Perfect Fertility Detox Patient Guide [$99 Value]
  • Fertility Practice Tips Guide [$19 Value]
  • Lab Interpretation Guide [$49 Value]
  • Botanicals for Reproductive Health Quick Reference Guide [$49 Value]
  • Access to our private closed Facebook group of Perfect Fertility alumni [$79/yr Value]  

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